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  • Criminal land theft 

    Israel’s recent moves in the West Bank, which all aim at annexation, expropriation and evictions, have made the purpose of the Bahrain conference very clear.

  • Back to earth 

    In 2016, the Lebanese celebrated the election of a new president with Reform and Change as the promise the country was waiting for.

  • The blight of anarchy 

    There are many absurdities that plague Lebanon, but perhaps one of the more outrageous practices is the blocking of key conduits by burning tires whenever...

  • Students come first 

    Somewhere along the way people appear to have completely forgotten the true purpose of the Lebanese University.

  • Cart before the horse 

    If the Bahrain conference, ostensibly to unveil the Trump administration’s “deal of the century,” proves anything, it’s that after 70 odd years, the Americans...

  • Say no to racism 

    It’s safe to say that we have seen tolerance for racism around the world drop drastically in recent decades, even in Africa and South America.

  • Enough poison 

    Let’s hope that the stockpiles of venom and slander leveled against Prime Minister Saad Hariri - either by design or flagrant insinuation - and against what...

  • Deal with the devil 

    A recent article on the Khartoum massacre in respected daily The Guardian headlined, “The military crackdown in Sudan lays bare the dark heart of Bashir’s...

  • Palestine not for sale 

    U.S. President Donald Trump has distinguished himself in that any statement, speech or tweet he makes immediately receives the fact sheet treatment,...

  • Troubled navigation 

    Recent days have seen FPM leader Gebran Bassil navigating Lebanese politics in a rudderless boat, overloaded with delusions of grandeur, sailing into...

  • Taking the peace track 

    After much saber-rattling and U.S. warmongering, there appears to be an opening for dialogue on the rising tensions with Iran, as Saudi King Salman hosts two...